VCourt Portal

VCourt lets case parties and attorneys make virtual court appearances by telephone, and allows court staff to easily manage those virtual appearances on a user-friendly console.

How does it help?

A Better Way to Communicate

VCourt provides the ability to use telephonic appearances to ease accessibility for all parties.

Reduce Cancellations

With reminders possible by phone, text, and email, VCourt helps to reduce missed appointments and last minute cancellations.

Smaller Crowds

By providing a remote option for appointments, VCourt helps to prevent crowding and court traffic.

Additional Revenue

VCourt allows courts to charge service fees to participants to the case as well as attorneys.

How does it work?

Registering for a VCourt virtual appearance couldn't be more simple. After signing up via a secure payment portal, users then select their court date, with attorneys owning the ability to register for multiple sessions at once. Users are then given the option to set reminders for themselves through phone, text, or email, and then they're done.

VCourt is integrated with a case management system that takes care of back end operations, allowing end users to focus solely on the case at hand while also allowing staff to easily view case information.

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