Many more portals await. This list is only a small sampling of portals we have on hand. Industry specific portals are available for government agencies, insurance companies, shipping, education, finance, and many more.

What does it do?

Portals is the engine that drives your business. A multifaceted business automation platform, Portals interacts with customers and back end systems through any number of workflow portals, including phone, text, web, and email. With its modular system design, Portals can easily be customized to match customer needs to fill nearly any function.


While leveraging your existing business data from divergent systems, Portals can offer limitless possibilities for process improvement, customer access, and employee navigation.



Our text Portal gives access to data and information interactively using interactive text (SMS) capabilities that we designed into our platform. Compatible with any SMS capable device, Portals uses its integrated texting function to create an extra line of communication to users. By providing extra utility, Portals doubles down on versatility.


By making it quick and easy to pay, the payment Portal helps to improve you cash flow and bottom line. After pairing with existing banking services, the payment Portal is ready to go. System wide integration allows you to place payment options wherever needed, and outbound notifications can prompt, confirm, and alert to payment payment problems.


Powered by Portals, StreamWrite's Enhanced IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is the best way to reduce call volume while providing around the clock responsiveness to customer needs. By integrating an IVR system with an existing database, nearly any type of data manipulation can now be handled automatically, drastically speeding up workflow and process automation.


By offering on demand and proactive access to collection accounts, Portals can help you drive increased collections revenue from past due accounts. By utilizing functions from both the payment and outbound Portals, collections are easier than ever, with automatic outbound prompts and a wide range of payment options.


With Portals, versatility is the name of the game, which is why it has been designed to allow for ease of access through a common medium. A simple plugin allows you to extend the reach of Portals to web users, providing a self service access point in a familiar web environment.

On Premises


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Managing Portals is simple with the new control panel. With our reporting engine, privileged users can easily examine operation status, server traffic, interaction history, and more. The script recording menu also allows users to evaluate and remap voice responses as seen fit.


Not everything works the way you want it to. That's why StreamWrite offers custom solutions and integrations to get Portals running seamlessly with your existing systems. Whether you need to consolidate with an old database, payment system, or whatever else, Portals will create the bridge needed to run as an integrated platform.


A key component of the Portals system, workflow automation is imperative to increasing efficiency. By removing redundancies from a worker's daily tasks, he or she is able to shift focus away from repetitive tasks and onto the bigger picture. Let Portals integrate with your existing database and handle anything from conference scheduling to bill collections.


With Portals, system monitoring couldn't be easier. Flags and alerts provide instant notifications of any irregularities or points of interest, giving users information they need to know from a central location, while usage monitoring helps you determine which services receive the most interest.


By offering a modular backend solution, Portals provides operation flexibility. Apps are easy to move, and can be tested and run in a developer center, both onsite and in the cloud. Migrating old databases is simple, and with our new remote update function, Portals will always stay up date with the latest patches, all with zero downtime.


With Portals, your business has the ability to grow as needed. Offered both on the cloud and as an on premises customer appliance, Portals has the capacity to handle whatever your business may throw its way, and because of the distributed client/server architecture, users can easily scale as seen fit.


Proactive communications for whatever the business needs. Whether you need to send out appointment reminders, due payment notifications, or critical status alerts, the outbound Portal provides vital information to users through any combination of phone, SMS, or email.