Remote Court Appearances 

VCourt lets case parties and attorneys make virtual court appearances by telephone or video, and allows court staff to easily manage those virtual appearances on a user-friendly console.

While other solutions provide convenience to attorneys and participants, they are still labor intensive for staff- coordination of remote appearances, updating calendars and case management systems is done manually, and reliance on assistance from an outside vendor or IT staff can disrupt proceedings when there is a problem.

A better way of doing remote appearances!

  • Automate Registration
  • Control In The Courtroom
  • Replicate Court Processes in a Virtual Environment
  • Integration with Emerging Standards – Identity Management

VCourt is seamlessly woven into the court’s processes and systems, integrating technology in the courtroom, back office systems, the court’s website, and cloud services.  This provides courts with ultimate control over how appearances are conducted based on court rules and processes, with in-courtroom control over audio and video calls.  With new advancements such as digital evidence sharing, evidence can be uploaded, examined by judicial staff, admitted, and cross-examined by parties, and incorporated into the virtual appearances.

With an integrated approach the goal is to address the entire Court process, including:

  • Setting the initial hearing in the CMS
  • How the public or staff schedule an appearance
  • How fees are paid
  • How an appearance is recorded in the CMS
  • How the user connects, the court connects, and the court controls for unwanted behaviors
  • How cases are called and managed
  • How the system displays remote participants in the courtroom
  • How the parties and the court interact during the proceeding

How does it work?

Registering for a VCourt virtual appearance couldn't be more simple. After signing up via a secure payment portal, users then select their court date, with attorneys owning the ability to register for multiple sessions at once. Users are then given the option to set reminders for themselves through phone, text, or email, and then they're done. 

VCourt automatically updates the CMS with VCourt registrations and a conference link is generated and sent out to participants.

On the day of the court appearance, the judicial assistants log into a user-friendly console that provides visibility and control of the remote session.

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